How Not to Make a Marketing Call

Our home is our haven, a place of rest, relaxation and the ability to unwind from the turmoil of the day.  The invasion of this space by unwanted calls is the reason Congress enacted the now infamous “no-call” designation, where by placing yourself on a list, you can limit the solicitation calls you receive to only those parties to whom you give specific permission.

This “no-call” list does not apply to not-for-profit entities, and since we give to a number of organizations whose mission we believe in, we do expect to receive calls from them occasionally.

The other night though, I received a call that I just had to post about.

With the phone ringing, I leave the couch and see on the caller ID that it is an 866 number, so I know in my mind, oh, this is probably a solicitation call for a donation.  I debate answering but decide, I’ll listen to their pitch.

Once I answer, a computer voice says, “Your call is important to us, please hold for the next available agent.” Are you kidding?!?!

You called me and you want me to wait?  What’s more, if my call was so important to you, why wasn’t there a live person ready to speak with me?

If you are making a sales or marketing call, please be sure that you are sensitive to the other person’s time and show enough respect to be ready and prepared to speak to them when they answer the phone.  It is only common sense.

Needless to say, I hung up the phone promptly and went about my business.  I didn’t learn which organization was calling me but if I find out, they will get no more of my money!

Have you had a strange marketing call you’d like to share?


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